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Achieving and achieving goals is what everyone strives for. Finding Bled, who had been away from his father for 2 years, was a realization and achievement. After many difficulties to locate the exact location of him and his mother, this operation reached its finalization yesterday on May 28, 2021.

Since August, 2019, no one had accurate information about where this boy and his mother were located and where they were staying. Long hours in the field, searching in different areas of Albania and Montenegro came to an end.
The time has come for the execution of the decision of the Supreme Court of Connecticut, America.
The long wait for the father came to an end.
And today, May 29, 2021, both mother and son joined together.
48 difficult hours, in which everything had to be coordinated, every action had to be thought out in detail, so that even the smallest incident did not affect the well-being of the son and mother.
I would like to thank all the police agencies for the cooperation and professionalism shown at the moment of learning about the delicate issue, the tireless staff for the long hours at work, as well as the American embassy for being available at any moment of the day.
Other challenges await us...

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