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Emiljano is the only son of the Balliu family from the village of Tërbaç in Elbasan. The 3 members of this family have been living in this tent for 5 years in very difficult conditions. The 24-year-old has been paralyzed since he was a baby after a high fever caused him to have a stroke. As if this suffering was not enough for his son Xhemal and Vule Balliu, they were left without a home, when the landslide took away everything they had raised with hard work and sweat until that time. In the midst of endless suffering, they were left between four paths, while until now they have not been able to receive any kind of reward. The head of the family is also sick and the only one who takes care of both father and son is 54-year-old Vulja, who has carried the family's troubles on her back all her life. Bad luck wanted the son to live his whole life in a wheelchair, while the 3 members of this family keep their breath alive only with the son's camp. These are the conditions they still live in today, where the cold months they had to go through were quite difficult. They appeal for help from this tent where they have been waiting for 5 painful years.



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